Blooket Hacks 2

Crypto Hack

Copied! Copied Deluxe!


Latest Version: 2.7.1

Downloaded Version: unknown

How to Use

Gamemode hacks must be put in after the game pin is entered.

For PC & Android:
1. Select gamemode and copy code.
2. Type javascript: into the address bar on the tab with the blooket game open (or on the page the hack is for).
3. Paste the code after.
4. Press enter.

For iOS:
1. Create a bookmark, it doesn't matter on what site as we are going to edit it later.
2. Copy the hacks code.
3. Edit the bookmark and paste in the hacks code into the URL input, so the bookmark URL is the code for the hacks.
4. When you want to use hacks, just open the bookmark when you're in the booket (or on the page the hack is for).
5. Repeat for deluxe hacks if desired.
6. To update hacks, just update the URL in the bookmark with the new hacks code.

Deluxe: Follow the same instructions above, but use the deluxe code instead. Deluxe gives you extra features, enter the deluxe code AFTER you enter the normal code.

Deluxe Features
Shows what place your in.
triple tap/click to pause/unpause hacks (may need more than 3 taps in some gamemodes).
resets the crypto/gold of anyone with a higher score than you (use Normal 2.0 or OP 2.0) (Crypto Hack, Gold Quest and Candy Quest only).
click your crypto/gold/coins etc. to show mode selecter.
OP mode which disables animations. WARNING: Use at your own risk, may cause freezing or glitches.