Clash Royale to Add Bots To Clans to Scan For “Cyber-Bullying”

Today, Clash Royale announced that bots would be joining over a thousand clans to help the cause of cyber-bullying. In this article, I will talk about why supercell is doing this and how you can tell if your clan has been selected.

Why is Supercell adding bots?

Supercell is adding bots to help battle bullying in clans. They are managed by real Supercell employees.

How to Uncover Bots

Most of the bots have the names of trainers in the training camp. Some of them include;
Trainer Earl
Trainer Fikova
Trainer Mike
Trainer Klaus
Trainer Teemu
Trainer Gary
Trainer Clint
Trainer Barry
Trainer Dragon
Trainer Pearl

Some bots may go by other one-word names, but these bots are less common.

Bots will also have between 0-500 trophies and the default deck or a slightly altered version of the default deck.

Starter Deck in Clash Royale

Most bots will engage in conversation and ask questions. Some may also pretend to be from a foreign country. If they detect misconduct or bullying, they will start sending messages from Supercell and may send a message to the inbox of all clan members.

What to do if the Bots Start Sending Messages from Supercell

The first thing you should do is cooperate and answer their questions. They will not ban or suspend your account unless you continue to ignore their warnings. The bots will stay in the clan for a few months after to make sure everything stays friendly.