How to Use

For PC & Android:
1. Select gamemode and copy code.
2. Type javascript: into the address bar.
3. Paste the code after.
4. Press enter.

For iOS:
1. Create a bookmark, it doesn't matter on what site as we are going to edit it later.
2. Copy the hacks code.
3. Edit the bookmark and paste in the hacks code into the URL input, so the bookmark URL is the code for the hacks.
4. When you want to use hacks, just open the bookmark when you're on the blooket page.
5. Repeat for deluxe hacks if desired.
6. To update hacks, just update the URL in the bookmark with the new hacks code.

OP mode will dramatically speed up answering but error messages may pop up and unexpected behaviour may occur as a result.



OP Code