Kobe Earthquake


On 17th January, 1995, an earthquake struck the Japanese city of Kobe. The earthquake measured a 9.6 on the Richter Scale at . There were several tremors hours before the earthquake, unuasually close together for that area. Japan sits on 3 tectonic fault lines and the Kobe earthquake was caused by the fault line between The Eurasian Plate and The Philippine Plate.


The earthquake was caused by the interaction of The Eurasion Plate, The Philippine Plate and The Pacific Plate. It took place along the destructive boundery between The Philippine Plate and The Eurasion Plate. The heavy Philippine Plate was being pushed under The Eurasion Plate. The rock grinded together causing The Kobe Earthquake.

Social Impacts

Economic Impacts

Environmental Impacts

Lots of waste from the earthquake was burned in fields and the gases caused allergies and asthma atttacks. This also caused a lot of air pollution. Also, house fires destroyed around 7,500 houses and the land around them. Some fires went on for several days, one fire was over 400 metres long at one point!


Short Term

Long Term


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