The Vikings were people from Scandinavia. They raided and traded with and had settlements in parts of Europe.

The Vikings were humans from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They were known as fierce warriors.

The Viking age lasted from 793 AD to 1066 AD. The age began with the Vikings invading Britain. It ended when Norway attempted to invade England, and failed. They had been defeated.

The Vikings came from Scandinavia and settled in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Iceland, Greenland, and other parts of Europe. They also invaded North America, but later abandoned it between 1415 and 1445 AD because of a lack of people there and the American Indians that were driving them out.

The common theory for why the Vikings invaded parts of Europe was because of a rise in trading and the great deal of wealth.

The Vikings’ advantage came from their element of surprise. Their incredibly mobile longships could easily navigate European rivers and come out of nowhere to attack.

The Vikings had a huge impact on the places they conquered. They brought castles and built stone walls for protection, forced tribal groups to work together to protect themselves. They also invented the hair comb, which we still use today.